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Link Member Resources

When you become a Link Member, we'll send you all the resources you need to get started, including:

  • New member application forms and leaflet holder for your coffee room
  • Link Member Handbook with an overview of our member benefits and services
  • Membership posters for your noticeboard
  • Bag, pen and badge  - for you!

but don’t stop there, why not:

  • Organise a networking event - invite a speaker or hold a tea/coffee evening to share ideas and information with fellow practitioners - AfPP will help you with the marketing!
  • Share information on your staff intranet or similar resource
  • Hold a presentation on your audit day - talk to your colleagues about membership. We can supply the presentation and some promotional merchandise.
  • Visit another hospital or university to engage with likeminded practitioners. We’ll pay your expenses and provide the content.
  • Get an AfPP representative to visit your hospital and talk about CPD, the WHO checklist or other relevant topic.

Or, if you have any other ideas just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

You can download posters, information and other helpful items at the bottom of the page

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