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Endorsement & Accreditation

Endorsement & Accreditation provides companies with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to high standards of perioperative care by ensuring their educational material meets AfPP’s exacting standards. The content will be reviewed by our panel of perioperative clinicians and educationalists to ensure credibility and good practice requirements.

They can include (but are not limited to):
Brochures, leaflets, books, websites, educational materials, training, videos, CD-ROMs, publications, study days, courses and seminars.

For this process AfPP's expert panel will examine the content of material supplied with the application. Material submitted will be reviewed by our clinical and/or educational panellists and costs from just £650 for two years. This will then allow you to promote the material – as being accredited/endorsed by AfPP to our exacting standards.

Further information can be found in the information pack below.

If you have any questions or would like to make an application, please contact Sarah Grady: Tel 01423 882 968 or e:

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