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AfPP Academy

The AfPP Academy is AfPP's dedicated training arm designed to provide the highest quality bespoke clinical education to suit the needs of healthcare providers and medical device companies. 

Whole Team Training/Bespoke Learning - NHS/Private sector

AfPP are renowned for setting standards and best practice in theatres and our Training Academy can support the development of the right culture for safety within your Trust.

We can help you to:

  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Reduce the likelihood of Never Events occurring
  • Create a more cohesive theatre department

Training to meet your needs

AfPP strives to help prevent Never Events and enhance patient safety but we can also support you with other theatre related training in your hospital. Our dedicated programme of education offers a pre-emptive solution and will in turn change the conditions within which your team works to make the incidence of Never Events or poor practice less likely in the future.

Initial Audit

We can undertake a full audit to really understand your local issues followed by a document review and focus groups, all of which will help to inform your training requirements.

The Training

The overall aim of our whole team training programme is to deliver a strong and clear message to all members of the theatre team through an educational curriculum which will include interactive sessions and simulated/scenario based workshops. You can select from the modules included in our prospectus allowing you to tailor your educational needs to your team or environment and can choose to run these in short condensed training sessions for small groups or a full week of ‘whole team training’ for the whole department.

The curriculum can include:

  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Team Building   
  • Human Factors
  • Leadership
  • Legailities
  • Patient Safety   
  • Scenario Training 
  • The Count
  • The Checklist

Read a case study from a recent training exercise below.

There are a number of different packages to choose from depending on your training requirements, download the prospectus below to find out more.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke package of learning for your theatre team please contact Vicky Wong, AfPP events team, on 01423 881 300 or


Theatre Access Course - Medical Device Companies

This course has been tailored specifically for Medical device representatives to give an understanding of theatre etiquette, correct protocol and the roles and responsibilities of those within theatres. Every course we provide can be run at AfPP HQ or on site at a company’s offices, whichever  is more convenient. Each delegate will receive the course material, a certificate of completion and a theatre access pass card which is valid for two years. This can then be re-accredited with a refresher course.

Further information, booking and upcoming dates can be found here.

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