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Here at AfPP our members are at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly looking for ways to support you and we’re always happy to hear how we can improve your membership experience. One of the ways we do this is with our Saturday Sessions Webinars.

The previous webinars are available to watch here.


2023-2024 Webinar Schedule

Information on upcoming webinars will be displayed here below.  


December 2nd: The Trials and Tribulations of Robotic Surgery presented by Morven Stewart


 Fantastic Value: £5 for members (with discount code), £10 non-members, FREE for student members.

Unlike conventional surgery, Robotic assisted surgery (RAS) is on the rise and is the future. Therefore, what is robotic surgery and what are some of the challenges?  

With RAS there is more training involved for both the surgeon and the surgical team as well as the changing dynamic in the room of a robot being centre stage. It's a whole new set of instruments and technology to learn, plus new communication hurdles to tackle. With this also comes the challenge: Is RAS better than conventional surgery and is it worth it in the long run?

Session learning outcomes:

• The delegate will be able to outline what is Robotic assisted surgery.

• The delegate will be able to identify the communication challenges faced with Robotic surgery

• Identify the challenges of a new and developing team.

This is going to be a great webinar. CLICK HERE to book.

*AfPP Members please use your discount code to qualify for 50% off, refunds cannot be issued for incorrect payments* *AfPP Students please get in touch with us or check the ebulletin which was emailed to you, to receive your discount code to qualify for 100% off, refunds cannot be issued for incorrect payments* 


 February 3rd 2024: INFECTION CONTROL

March 9th 2024:  NatSIPPS2

Details on the above webinars will be released shortly. 


Past Webinars

You can watch our previous webinars here

If you have any questions please contact Vicky Wong, AfPP events team, on 01423 881 300 or


Webinar Pricing

At the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020, we cancelled our face to face study days and our Annual Conference. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our priority has been to continue to support our members as much as possible.

In June 2020, we introduced a programme of webinars to support your educational needs and provide you with CPD hours. We were delighted to be able to offer these free of charge throughout the whole of 2020. However, AfPP is a charitable organisation and it simply is not possible for us to provide events free indefinitely. Therefore, during 2021 our webinars will be charged at a nominal hourly rate of £5 for AfPP members and £10 for non-members. Student members will continue to get webinars free.

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