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Past Webinars

Mental Health Awareness & The Walton Health & Wellbeing Project - 1 Hour CPD

This webinar discussed:

  • Why people hide mental health issues and the stigma that’s attached to these type of problems (introducing The Green Ribbon Campaign)
  • The creation of the health and wellbeing team at Walton and the impact it’s had
  • The importance of health and wellbeing within theatre during the current COVID19 pandemic and initiatives the Walton Project has introduced.

The webinar was led by Oliver Tierney, who started in the NHS in 1999 at the Liverpool Royal Hospital, qualifying as an Operating Department Practitioner in 2008. Post qualification, he worked at the Liverpool Heart and Chest for 5 years moving to The Walton Centre in 2013. Oliver became a Band 6 Clinical Skills Facilitator in 2015 and then in 2017 became a Band 7 Practice Education Facilitator. Throughout his career he has always had a passion for education and won The Walton Centre “Best Contribution to Education” award in 2016. Oliver has recently become an accredited Applied Human Factors Trainer and qualified Workplace Mediator.

You can watch this webinar here.

Walk In My Shoes, It's Not As Easy As You Think - A Mental Health Patient's Story - 1 Hour CPD

With over 28 years experience in perioperative care and using staff learning from a never event, Maxine Page speaks about the experience of a mental health patient undergoing elective surgery. This webinar will:

  • Provide an insight on how hospital processes can affect a patient.
  • Provide practical guidance on how to enhance patient and carer experience.
  • Explore opportunities and strategies which can improve perioperative patient care for mental health patients.
  • Provide an opportunity for practitioners to be able to reflect on their own practice and departments to improve patient care.

This webinar will be led by Maxine Page, who has nearly 30 years of perioperative experience, the last 11 years as the Matron for theatres, PACU, pre assessment and the day surgery unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital.  Maxine has undertaken primary research in staff learning from a never event. She is an AfPP link member; and has been a speaker at several NATN/AfPP conferences and study days over the years. Maxine is a honourary associate lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University for the ODP student programme.

You can watch this webinar here.

The Below Ten Thousand Way - Clinician Led Cultural Change - 1 Hour CPD 

Rob Tomlinson has used his experience of being part of a team involved in a never event to address one of the greatest challenges in surgery, reducing noise and distraction. Rob reached out to two nurses in Australia who offer a possible solution to this dilemma, Below Ten Thousand Feet.

Privately Pete Smith and Rob Tomlinson have been collaborating with great success and worldwide recognition for over 2 years, this is the first time they share their knowledge and experience together in a public forum.

This session discussed:

  • Clinician Led Cultural Change, Below Ten Thousand.
  • How to introduce Ground Up Change (and how not to!)
  • The dangers of steep hierarchies and dangers of noise and distraction in healthcare. 

Rob was joined by Pete, who will be speaking live from Australia, for this unmissable webinar.

You can watch this webinar here.

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