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Tax Relief

You can save money on your AfPP Membership by claiming tax relief!

Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 entitles you to claim tax relief on subscription fees paid to professional bodies and organisations which directly benefit your profession - this includes AfPP Membership.

UK taxpayers can claim for the current tax year, and up to four previous tax years.

What ways can I do it?

1. You can complete a self-assessment tax return and can claim tax back from your registration fees on the employment page of the return.

2. If you do not file a tax return, you can claim tax relief using form P87: Tax relief for expenses of employment, which is available to download from the HMRC website.

3. You can telephone HMRC and ask for relief on your fees. Contact details are on the HMRC website.

What else can I claim back on?

Working as a nurse or healthcare professional, you might pay for additional things that HMRC classify as a "work expense". You are eligible to claim tax relief on the following:

  • Uniforms (including shoes and socks/tights)
  • Laundry costs for your uniform
  • NMC registration fees
  • HCPC registration fees

Uniform Cleaning Costs

If you cover the costs of cleaning your uniform out of your own pocket (rather than having access to free laundry facilities/services at work) then you can claim an additional £125 tax relief each year.

Making A Claim

To submit a claim, you can download our form below. Or, you can submit your claim through the HMRC website.

If you need further information about your annual membership fees to support your claim, please contact the membership team on 01423 881 300 or at

Deadlines apply for making tax relief claims. For backdated claims, this is typically four years. However, your personal circumstances may impact this. You can get detailed information on making a claim from HMRC on 0300 200 3300 or online at

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