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Standards and guidance

This section contains guidance on a number of perioperative issues. Please select from the documents and videos below.

One Together resources are available to download here.

Member only resources and videos are available to access here.

Related documents

file icon AfPP & BADS Core Competencies for the Day Surgery Team (Adult) 2023
(PDF 1515 Kb)
file icon AfPP & SPA Position Statement 2022 - Perioperative Management of Surgical Smoke Plume
(PDF 152 Kb)
file icon AfPP Reflective Learning Template
(DOCX 863 Kb)
file icon Anaphylaxis Algorithm 2021
(PDF 133 Kb)
file icon Association of Anaesthetists guidelines: cell salvage 2018
(PDF 147 Kb)
file icon Cataract Surgery Checklist 2010
(PDF 388 Kb)
file icon Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers 2013
(PDF 370 Kb)
file icon COVID-19 PPE Table 2021 v2
(PDF 527 Kb)
file icon CPOC Anaemia Guidelines 2022
(ZIP 12830 Kb)
file icon Five Steps to Safer Surgery 2020
(PDF 518 Kb)
file icon Hand Care Guide 2020
(PDF 776 Kb)
file icon National Minimal Training Standards for Healthcare Support Workers 2013
(PDF 380 Kb)
file icon National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures 2 (NatSSIPs) 2023
(PDF 2777 Kb)
file icon NatSSIPs 2 and WHO Checklist Flowchart
(PDF 90 Kb)
file icon NMC Code 2022
(PDF 508 Kb)
file icon NICE Advice Cyanoacrylate Glue for Hernia Mesh Fixation 2022
(PDF 141 Kb)
file icon NICE Advice Plus Sutures for Preventing SSI 2021
(PDF 117 Kb)
file icon Occupational Hazards of Surgical Smoke Plume in the Operating Theatre - June 2022 Report
(PDF 1783 Kb)
file icon PCC National Core Curriculum for Perioperative Nursing 2017
(PDF 1244 Kb)
file icon PCC Position Statement The Role of the Perioperative Healthcare Assistant March 2020
(PDF 812 Kb)
file icon PCC PS Role of the Nursing Associate in Theatres 2022 v1.1
(PDF 366 Kb)
file icon PCC Surgical First Assistant (SFA) Position Statement 2018
(PDF 363 Kb)
file icon Prep, Stop, Block 2021
(PDF 231 Kb)
file icon Surgical Skin Prep Decision Tool 2022
(PDF 11271 Kb)
file icon Surgical Skin Prep Tool Poster 2022
(PDF 148 Kb)
file icon Visitors and External Contractors to the Perioperative Setting 2017
(PDF 4037 Kb)
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