Standards and Guidance

We’ve listed resources for guidance on a number of perioperative issues for your benefit 

Patient Safety is at the heart of what we do. AfPP works to enhance skills and knowledge within operating departments, associated areas and sterile services departments.

We’ve listed some documents below that you can go to for guidance on a range of perioperative issues. You may also contact us to see if we have alternative or hard copies of the below documents.

Resources For All

The resources below are available for AfPP members and non-members.

Skills For Care


Surgical Skin Prep Decision Tool




Standards Collection

The following articles are for AfPP members and non-members and are extracts taken from various Standards and Guidance publications published by AfPP.

Resources For AfPP Members

The list below is for AfPP members only. You will be asked to log in to access them.

What Will You Find?

  • Occupational Hazards of Surgical Plume to Theatre Personnel
  • Occupational Hazards of Surgical Smoke Plume in the Operating Theatre
  • The SPA Position Statement on Perioperative Management of Surgical Smoke Plume 
  • Key Points on Surgical Plume Evacuation
  • Challenging Behaviours in the Perioperative Environment
  • Restart of Elective Surgery after a Pandemic (Covid-19)
  • Hand Care Guide
  • A Guide to Surgical Hand Antisepsis
  • A Guide to Surgical Hand Rub
  • Surgical Fires: Raising Awareness, Avoiding Preventable Harm
  • Visitors and External Contractors to the Perioperative Setting