Education and Research Fellowship Fund

A bursary of up to £2000 to spend on education

A bursary of up to £2,000 that is available to all members to assist with fees and other financial requests which can include research, study days, training courses and conferences.

Purpose of Bursary

  • To advance the study of perioperative practice
  • To promote excellence in perioperative practice
  • To promote innovation in perioperative practice
  • To extend knowledge and skills in order to meet changing needs

Criteria for Application

  • Applicants must be an AfPP member
  • An approach for funding and study leave should have already have been made to the individual members employing authority or third party and evidence of such provided
  • A report must be submitted by those awarded funding on completion of their project for possible inclusion in either the AfPP Newsletter or the Journal of Perioperative Practice. (The report must be in electronic format)
  • If an original article or dissertation is produced from the course/research undertaken it must be made available in the first instance for publication in an AfPP journal; copy may be placed in the AfPP library. This must be within 12 months of course or research completion
  • AfPP must be acknowledged every time material resulting from the course or research is published or presented
  • Submissions must be the original work of the member receiving the grant
  • Funding must be claimed within 12 months of the grant being awarded
  • Funding will only be awarded to cover 12 months of any course at one time
  • AfPP must be informed if the funding awarded is no longer required
  • Funds will not be paid out without original receipts or invoices being submitted
  • Funding is not transferable
  • Application forms must be received before an activity takes place, as AfPP is unable to grant funding in retrospect. For an activity to be considered it must take place more than two weeks after the application deadline. It is therefore requested that application forms be submitted with sufficient time to allow grants to be processed
  • No applicant may receive funding in excess of £2,000 over any 3 year period

If you would like to discuss your application before submission please contact 01423 881 300 or email

Awards are granted to members in good faith, however, if a member should leave the Association in less than one year of receiving their award, they will be liable to refund the monies in full.